Saturday, July 4, 2009

Train thought...

I find that I do most of my writing out here when I'm on the train. I don't know why..I guess because its usually quiet and a great place to think and people watch~ Here are a few inserts from my phone journal that I copied and pasted here. I'm not sure if they are interesting..or even make sense, they are simply thoughts...

"O a train... coasting through Jersey...crazy where my life has taken me so far. I love listening to my ipod, its like your every sight has a new soundtrack...a new meaning...a new breath. I feel like I can make it anywhere. I left my old life back in childhood that will always be with me, but never hold me back. I can officially say I've lived bi-coastally...From LA to NY...if you can make it here you can make it anywhere, right? And like my girl Haley says...I'm looking for the next big thing! I'm so close I can taste it! I think its only myself that;s holding me back..."

Thoughts...just thoughts...sitting on the train eves dropping on the conversation next to me.... Well, apparently everyone else is too. They are really loud. I cant help but stare at this woman and her family. It hurts my heart to watch them. She weighs maybe 85 lbs. Her small sweatshirt looks so big against her tiny arms. She looks to be about 55 years old but I guarantee she only about 40. The result of drugs it looks like. Frail...Well I shouldn't make assumptions. I don't really know for sure. Her son just called her "old and decrepit" out loud. Then said he hopes she gets ran over by a bus. Wow! She then continues her rant on...well I have no idea what. But she seems angry. The entire train ride she has been passing out, struggling to keep her eyes open. But when her eyes do open she picks back up right where she left off on her argument. I could never imagine talking to my mother like that...this is when I take the time to thank God for giving me such wonderful parents. So wired. I don't know these people in the seats next to me, Ive never met them and I will probably never see them again. But their presence sure has made an impact! stop is next...goodbye for now

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  1. are you going on tour with miley cyrus next fall?? i'm going to london to see her and it would be cool to see you too :)